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Our Public Review tool will help you:

  - Capture only verified patient reviews
  - Proactively manage your online reputation
  - Build trust with potential customers
  - Combat fake reviews
  - Increase your web visibility

Start collecting verified patient reviews today

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Verified Patients Only.

Public Review drives your verified patients to rate you online using a secure, automated survey engine.  Simply upload your patient list or opt for a truly hands-free process using our API to begin boosting the number of positive online reviews for you and your team. 

Improve Search Rank 

After completing a short survey, patients are prompted to leave a public review on your provider profile, which is accessible by search engines.  Leverage this survey traffic over time to increase your rank on search engines.  Additionally, patients can leave reviews on popular social media sites. 

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Take a proactive approach

The SurveyVitals’ Public Review tool is designed to give healthcare providers and organizations a proactive approach to online reputation management. Instead of simply monitoring activity, you can now drive action and increase the number of patient reviews to build your online brand.

Public Review gives your verified patients a channel to share their experiences publicly, ensuring consumers are getting a more accurate representation of your practice online. Plus, higher-volume traffic driven by SurveyVitals' survey engine could increase your Google search rank and visibility on popular social media sites to attract new business.


Increase your online presence

Public Review is integrated with Facebook, Yelp and Google Plus to leverage feedback across multiple social media platforms.


Watch your online reputation grow

As more patients leave reviews, your online presence as an industry leader will grow in the eyes of the public.

Take Control of Your Online Reputation.

Leverage patient feedback to help grow your business and brand.

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